Zinc Rectangle Planter Set - Set of 4 sizes H-2.5" - 4" (Free Shipping)

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  • Come in a set of 4 with various size Dimensions: H:2.5" Opening: 14.5" X 3.5" | H:3" Opening: 15" X 4" | H:3.5" Opening: 15.5" X 4.5" | H:4" Opening: 16" X 5"
  • Can be filled with Bamboo, Succulents, Rose, Candles, Orchids etc.
  • Great for both outdoor and Indoor
  • One of our unique vases.

Corrugated Zinc Metal Cylinder Vases, Rectangle Steel Planters.

Item Description - The rustic feel of the zinc metal vases is perfect for the contemporary design. The corrugated effect is what makes the zinc vases to become one of the unique vases. This is in pack of 4 pcs, which you are getting 4 pcs of the corrugated metal rectangle vases in various sizes. The zinc Rectangle Planter Set is perfect for Planters and These Zinc Rectangular Planeter set are good for both Outdoor and Indoor. You can fill them with succulents and plants for a zen style looking garden. 

Trends - Can be filled with Lucky Bamboo, Succulents, Roses, Candles, Orchids, Branches, Vase Filler, Pearls, Gems, Pebbles, Fruits, Macaroons etc.

Unique - This Planter is made of galvanized Metal. 

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