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Glass Vases Wholesale: Wholesale Pricing & Shipping Inquiry - PURCHASE ORDER & VOLUME PRICING


Companies selling over the Internet are subject to the same sales tax collection requirements as any other retailers. If an item is subject to sales tax in the state to which the order is shipped, tax is generally calculated on the total selling price of each individual item. Items sold by GlassVasesDepot.com, or its subsidiaries, and shipped to destinations in the states of California are subject to tax.

U.S. Government Purchasers:

Sales tax does not apply to purchases made by the United States Government.  In order to document that a sale has been made to the U.S. Government, we need to obtain a copy of one of the following:

  • Federal Tax ID Certificate
  • Certificate of Exempt Status
  • Photocopy of your qualified U.S. Government Credit Card (Smart Pay Card)
  • Government Voucher

Designers / Dealers:
Sales tax does not apply to our dealers. In order to document that a sale has been made to our dealers, we need to obtain a copy of one of the following:

  • Federal Tax ID Certificate
  • CA Reseller's License/Permit No.
  • Contractor's License

How to submit this information:

First, place your order through our Web site. After you've placed your order, please submit the necessary information by fax in order to receive a refund of any sales tax.

Please include the following when submit your documents:

  • Mark your fax "Attn: GlassVaseDepot.com - Sales Tax Exempt"
  • Order No.: XXXX
  • Company Name:
  • Company Address:
  • Telephone:
  • E-mail Address:
  • Acceptable proof of your Exempt Status (as outlined above)

After submitting all documents, we will record your company tax exempt information for future orders. For future orders, please just email us with subject title Request for Tax Refund and indicate order numbers. When receiving your invoice, please ensure that tax does not applies on the invoice. If for any reason you believe there is any error, please contact our customer service immediately at our Contact Us page.

Items Availability

All Items are estimated to be in stock unless indicated "out of stock". However, in some case we may be overlook some of the items. If you are purchasing large quantities of items, please contact us to check stock availability.


We offer you consistently low prices on every item in our store. All prices are listed in U.S. dollars. Orders placed on GlassVasesDepot.com will be charged in U.S. dollars.

Promotional Offers

Many great promotional offers are available through GlassVasesDepot.com. Be sure to read all terms and restrictions associated with the promotion. To qualify for a specific promotion, your order must be placed during the specified promotion period. We are unable to apply special discounts to items ordered before or after the dates of a promotional offer.

Clearance Items

There are great selections of clearance items listed on site. Clearance items are subject to change and subject to availability.

Purchase Confirmation

After placing orders on all item, we will notify you with a purchase confirmation via email. Please make sure all information is correct and notify us if changes need to be made for your orders.

Shipping Confirmation

Shipping confirmation and tracking number will be sent to you through E-mail.

Payment Methods

We accept the following payment method:

  • VISA


Invoices and Packing Slip will be attached with the shipment. Those documents can be the proof or purchase.

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