Black Glass Cube Vase. H-6" Open-6"

  • Dimension: Height: 6" | Opening: 6" x 6"
  • Color: Black
  • ANY Place, ANY Time - Adaptable to any setting: Home, Private Parties, or weddings.
  • A PRETTY PRESENT - A nice gift for office friend or co-workers.
  • Durable - Strong utility glass and a thickened base that protect surfaces from dripping wax and heat damage.

Black Color Cube Glass Vase

Color: Black

Dimension: Height: 6" | Opening: 6" x 6"

Design - The rich color of our black vases is produced by forming a glob of molten black colored glass as the inner core then dipped into a coat of molten, clear glass on the exterior. Once the molten glass is blown to the designed form, it undergoes a flashing process to ensure proper fusion. As a result, the colored vase has scratch resistant surfaces and yields a high quality finish.

Suitable - Colored vases are becoming popular because of its striking contrast to clear glass vases. Floral designs with light-colored pedals will enhance the contract with the vase. Similarly, a light colored background will make the colored vase more pronounced. Furthermore, glass cube vases allow for truly unique displays, whether it’s for simple office and bookshelf displays or colorful centerpiece arrangements.

Durable - Our vases are made of strong glass with thick weighted bases to ensure balance and durability, making them safe and suitable for candles. We’re certain these vases can fulfill your needs, whatever they may be.

Gifts - These glass vases also make lovely office gifts, souvenirs, or decorative pieces. There are even those who would utilize them as pencil holders or miscellaneous lose item holders. If you’re looking for a modest gift, these glass blocks might also reflect a simple, yet sophisticated gesture for your office friends or co-workers.

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Color Black
Height 6 in
Width 6 in
Length 6 in
Opening N/A
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