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  1. 4.5" x 6" Clear Glass Bubble Bowl
    • Dimensions: Height: 4.5" | Opening: 4.25" | Body Width: 6" | Glass Thickness: 3/16"
    • EVENT & HOME DECOR - A popular accent for tabletops for weddings, or in your living room.
    • VERY DURABLE HAND-MADE QUALITY - Made of thick, strong hand-crafted utility glass.
    • EASY TO USE - Great weight & balanced shape means it won't easily tip over, fall, or shatter.
    • INDOOR GARDEN PLANTER - This simple & elegant piece makes a perfect plant terrarium.
  2. 8" x 10" Clear Glass Bubble Bowl
    • Dimensions: Height: 8" | Opening: 6.5" | Body Width: 10" | Glass Thickness: 1/8" - 1/4"
  3. 10" x 12" Clear Glass Bubble Bowl
    • Dimensions: Height: 10" | Opening: 6.75" | Body Width: 12" | Glass Thickness: 1/8" - 1/4"
  4. 5.5" Sphere Candle Holder Glass Bowl Terrarium Containers
    GCH107/06-6P Pack of 6
    • Dimensions: Height: 5.5" | Body: 6" | Opening Diameter on Both Ends: 2.5"
    • UNIQUE - Glass sphere with 2 openings for easy use. Made of hand-blown high-end glass.
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Bubble Bowls

Pleasant and Delightfully Playful Designs

Just from looking at their delightfully orbicular shape, round glass vases and glass bubble bowls have obvious uses: as fishbowls, terrariums, decorative storage, floating candle holders, or floral centerpieces.

If you want a classic bubble bowl (the most common choice for fish bowl aquariums and CO2 planted bowl aquariums), we have bowls ranging from 6 inches to 16 inches at maximum width. Our largest bowl can hold as much as 9 gallons of water.

We also have glass bowls specially designed for specific purposes. For example, we have a unique reversible glass bowl designed to hold tealight candles (see our divoted tealight 4.25 inch tall glass bowl and 3.25 inch tall glass bowl).

Terrarium Bowls

Glass Vases Depot also offers a bowl with two openings on opposite sides, designed for easy access for terrarium and airplant gardening displays. But our most popular bowls for terrarium gardening and planting are our slant-cut opening asymmetrical glass bubble bowls. For smaller, more delicate displays, we recommend our asymmetrical 5.75 inch tall bubble bowl and our 7.75 inch tall bubble bowl. For something stronger and more sturdy, we also have two different sizes of our beveled slant cut opening bowls: an 8 inch wide glass bowl and a 10 inch wide glass bowl.

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