Frosted Light Blue Sea Glass Bowl and Vase Fillers

Pack of 2 lbs, Free Shipping
  • COLOR SCHEME - Looking for the right colors for your wedding or party? GVD has it all.
  • PACKING: 2 lbs = 3 Cups, 5 lbs = 7.5 Cups, 10 lbs = 15 Cups, 18 lbs = 27 Cups
  • SMOOTH - These pebble glass gems are partially flat & rounded, like fallen raindrops.
  • PLANTER OR TERRARIUM DECOR - Perfect for filling planters or clear glass vases.
  • SUBLIME - 1 lb bag of solid Clear vase fillers. They are oval shaped & totally opaque.
Categories: Sea Glass , Vase Fillers

Frosted Light Blue Sea Glass Bowl and Vase Fillers 1 lbs

Color: Light Blue

Purpose: Wedding, Home Decor, Crafts, Gardening
Styles: Eclectic, Modern, Contemporary

Fine Glass Vase Fillers - These round glass marbles are completely spherical in shape and light will shine through them. They have an excellent weight that will allow them to sink in any body of water. Each bag is 1 lb.

Multiple Purposes - They are commonly used as vase fillers, aquarium and substrate decoration, table scatters, planter drainage, game pieces, or for arts and crafts.

Elegant Decorative Accent  - When used as vase filler, these raindrop gemstones are wonderful additions to themed events or weddings with specific color schemes.

NOTE: This item comes as a bag of small pieces and may present a choking hazard. Take precautions for young children and animals.

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Qty Per Order 2 lbs, Free Shipping
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Color Frosted Light Blue
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