Fire Pit Glass Fire Tempered Glass 1/2" Clear (Multiple Packing)

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  • COLOR - SIZE - Beautiful Vibrant Clear Fire Glass. Each piece is about 0.5"-1" in size.
  • QUALITY - High Quality & Premium Fire Glass with consistent Jewel-Like color, will not discolor or degrade due to high heat. It is Guaranteed to maintain its color for life.
  • MAINTENANCE - Fire glass is very easy to maintain because it emits no ash, soot, or smoke. Thus you can spend more time enjoying your fire pit/place and less time cleaning it. Our fire glass is not just exquisite to behold, it is also very practical.
  • COMPATIBILITY - Propane And Natural Gas Compatible. Designed for use in Indoor & Outdoor Fire Place, Fire Pits, & Fire Bowls.
  • USES - Fire Pit Glass is not only useful, but they provide a modern decorative feel. Fire glass(with the contemporary look it provides), many have used these pebbles to replace ceramic gas logs.

Clear Fire Pit Glass

Coverage Reference:

10 LBS ≈ 15" x 15" Square Pit, 1 Inch Deep

10 LBS ≈ 15" Diameter Circular Pit, 1 Inch Deep

Fire Pit Glass is made of 100% high-quality heatproof glass stones. The stones can instantly transform your outdoor fire pit or indoor fireplace into a sleek and modern look. Our collection of fire glass creates a clean-burning fire, it does not produce any smoke, ash or toxic fumes. Using the fire glass can produce 3 to 4 times the heat of artificial logs.

The Glass Stones can definitely create a cool setting and a relaxing mood. The Hue of these attractive fire glass produce a unique and alluring glass color. The fire glass can be used in natural gas, propane, fire pits, fire bowls, and electric fireplace. Since it's made of 100% tempered heatproof fire glass, it can sustain high heat up to 1400 Fahrenheit.

Our fire glass will not melt, fade or discolor after long term use. The fire glass is ready to use, easy to install, and easy to clean. Our fire glass can also be used as vase fillers for floral centerpieces, home decoration or craft use.

Fire Pit

Fire Glass has become more popular to be used in fire pits. They add color and shine that make a beautiful fire pit. Using Fire Glass in your fire pit comes with a lot more benefits. You do not have to worry about your fire pit emitting ash, soot, or smoke. Yet producing more heat than a traditional fire pit. Fire Glass maintains is fire resistant and does not loose its color or shine.

Indoor Use

Fire Glass can be used in many ways. A great way to use Fire Glass other than in a fire pit, is as a vase filler. The vibrant colors of the Fire Glass can make your vase colorful and very unique. Fire Glass can also be used to cover up boring empty space and add to your home decor. And of course these can also be used in indoor fire-pits/chimneys.


Turn your garden into an exotic landscape. Fire Glass is now commonly used in gardens and in front or back yards of homes to create exotic landscaping designs. The vibrant bright colors with the blend of nature is a perfect mix in elevating your home's appearance.

NOTE: This item comes as a bag of small pieces and may present a choking hazard. Take precautions for young children and animals.

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