You have the Most pretty, most luxurious item you would like to display. However, you are worried about people admiring your trophy with their hands and not their eyes. Worse of all, you are concerned that you will need to dust it every day just so it remains clean. How can you set the perfect display stage for such a fine piece of art? 

Preserve, and Display-that is the main feature of a Dome. Domes are the perfect item for display. It sets the ideal stage for things to show and keep out unwanted touching. 

In Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," The story revolved around the most gorgeous, the most elegant pedal dropping rose. A rose symbolizes love; however, this one-the most beautiful of them all, is pretty much a timer for the beast to find true love. Once all the pedal falls, that is the end. I mean, the flower can sit on top of the table, and it will still be stunning, but when it is within the dome, it can show how precious the rose is. The crystal clear glass clearly shows the elegancy of the rose. It also acts as a formidable barrier to protect even a speck of single dust from getting in. Because you never know that with the extra weight, it might force a pedal to drop. 

Domes themselves can attract a lot of attention. For this reason, it is why it is chosen to be the best fit to enhance displays on whatever is within. Not only can one see what's within in almost any direction. But the way the glass reacts with light creates a great attraction to anyone's eyesight. With this in mind, many tend to put their prized collection within domes. Not only to preserve but to display the beauty of the item.  

So do you have something that you would like to show off but at the same time would want to keep people from touching it? Why not grab one of our display domes? It will provide you with the perfect setting for the display of that im.