WeddingWire's pro-blog contains lots of helpful tips for wedding professionals, as well as the latest news and cultural shifts in the industry and among young newly weds. Recently, Wedding Wire brought to attention the most recent fashion delevopments in modern weddings in their post, Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2018. Here's GVD's take on what this means for us, and how our wonderful and expanding product line is matching up with recent trends towards non-traditional wedding celebrations.

1. Metallics, marbles and geometrics

(Click on the images above to see more metallic and geometric wedding inspiration)

Thankfully for us, we've covered this base pretty well over the last two years. Metallic textures in decor, including gold, copper, steel, and silver, are hugely popular. It's likely the lustre and shine of such textures that bring a kind of luxurious sense without necessariy being a big budget event. Our geometric vases and steel framed geometric hanging terrariums are definitely a part of this rising trend.

2. Keeping it casual

Causal weddings involve personal choices of minimizing formal wear requirements and an upward trend of new and creative customs. It's certainly not our place to tell anyone how a wedding should be done. In fact, we often encourage our customers to utilize our products in a way that best fits their own personalities. No matter how formal, elegant, or goofy, as long as you find joy in your ultimate design, we will be happy for you too!

3. Greenery

(Click on the images above to see more of SoCal based Arina B.'s inspiring photography)

Natural colors are all the rage right now: unfinished wood, rough bark, and vibrant greens. As you can see from the image above, there's hardly any bright colors or florals as one might usually expect of centerpieces and table runner arrangements at weddings. But the greenery shown (consisting of moss and ferns) gives a lovely woodland impression cleverly combined with white taper candles placed in glass bottles and surrounded by glass cloche terrarium bell jars.

GVD offers so many different kinds of terrariums, including tealight globe terrariums, bubble bowls, and the ever popular glass cloche (pronounced as clawsh) bell jars, which are heavily favored for fairytale and naturey table-top decorative set-ups.

4. Outdoor space

In a densely urban and rapidly developing world, outdoor venues with fresh air and natural light are the places people want to be for their special events. Gardens, beaches, and forests. Each type of location tends to be seasonal, with autumnal events being the most popular. Apart from ensuring our glass decor is suitable for every setting, there's little else to be said. We only encourage that when if comes to how and where you want to organize your special day, that you follow your heart and do as you will, dear reader.

5. Food displays

We are, by no means, experts in the realm of food and catering choices for weddings and events, but even we know that there's an obvious trend that's moving towards what some might call an "instagrammable" or "pinteresty" design. Whether we want to admit it or not, social media is playing a big part in affecting our behavior and stirring up our imagination for what the "ideal" wedding is supposed to look like. Make no mistake. Food, and the way we display it, is a huge part of that image. Thus, the increasing popularity of self-serve food displays, like candy buffets, is now the dominating choice. It's also a more budgetable choice, given that the food is allowed to also be more casual and less like an high class "fancy" feast (pizza, donuts, sandwiches, etc.). This also means you won't have to cater with chef-designed recipes or pay for plated service.