2020 sure didn't turn out as expected. I mean, who would have thought there would be a pandemic outbreak? People are required to stay at home for months. People had to find ways to pass the time. Many of which decided that they spend a lot of this time to redecorate their home. DIY style.

DIY Home Garden

Home decor is a popular activity among DIY projects while stuck at home during the pandemic. Many are using plants and flowers to create the perfect indoor garden for the house. Many will feel great satisfaction once the project is complete. 

Home Decor Finished Home Garden Design

Plant terrarium is a sight for sore eyes when you sit on that couch in the living room looking at it while daydreaming.

wooden planter box for the living room

Or while you drink that cup of hot tea while inhaling the beautiful flowers' fresh scent sitting on top of the kitchen table.

Kitchen Planter Box for the fresh scent beautiful kitchen display

How about that Wooden planter box filled with beautiful green grass that provides you with that countryside look by your bedroom window!

Room planter Box Country style feel fresh scent piggy decor

Wooden planter boxes are used for outdoor planting for generations. Why not bring the country feeling within the comfort of your house? There is a reason why more and more people decide to move these outdoor wooden planter boxes indoors. Not only are they a popular trend for a country-style theme. Many have used our wooden planter box for decorations for countryside weddings. The way these boxes are used for home decor has been passed down from generation to generation. 

Depending on the wood and size, they have an adaptable appearance, with great potential for customization or DIY craft projects like herb gardens, candle displays, seasonal centerpieces, or wedding and holiday decorations. 

Wedding Wooden Planter Box Wedding decor countryside wedding