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  1. 10" Glass Apothecary Jar Wedding Candy Buffet Glass Container
    • Dimensions: Height: 10" | Opening Width: 5.25" | Body Width: 7" | Glass Thickness: 1/8"
    • SWEET DESIGN - Loose lid and ergonomic handle. Practical and pleasing to the eye.
    • CHARMING - For storing items AND displaying them. Makes the functional simultaneously decorative.
    • A PRETTY PRESENT - A nice gift for house warming, birthdays, or weddings.
    • ANY PLACE, ANY TIME - Adaptable to any setting: home, business, or special event.
  2. 10 Inch Tall Clear Apothecary Jar Candy Buffet Container
    • Dimensions: Height: 10" | Opening: 4" | Body Width: 8" | Base: 4.75" | Glass Thickness: 1/8"
    • BEAUTIFUL SHAPE - An ancient, classical chalice design. Stemmed & footed, with a 4 inch opening and glass lid.
    • A CANDY BUFFET MUST-HAVE - With such an uncommon shape, it's the perfect piece to add to any candy table set up.
    • GORGEOUS & USEFUL - Beautiful high-quality glass with a number of uses including decorative storage in kitchens and bathrooms.
    • CEREMONIAL - A graceful container for wedding sand or other ceremonial functions.
  3. 13.5 Inch Tall Clear Apothecary Jar Candy Buffet Container
    • Dimensions: Height: 13.5" | Opening: 5.75" | Body Width: 11" | Base: 6.5" | Glass Thickness: 1/8"
    • VINTAGE INSPIRATION - Modeled after ancient style glass jars and containers used to store medicines and dried herbs.
    • GREAT FOR SPECIAL EVENTS - Weddings, debutante balls, quinceanera, bar mitzvah, anniversary dinners, and more.
    • ORNAMENTAL STORAGE - Keep your home organized, looking neat while giving a decorative flair.
    • MADE WITH ARTISANAL CARE - Hand-crafted by professional glassblowers overseas.
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Apothecary Jars

Glass apothecary jars and candy buffet containers are extremely popular kitchen and home decorative accents for their beautiful curves and unique shapes. They make a dynamic display when a clustered variety of designs are placed together on long tables, especially for special occasions and events such as baby showers, corporate parties, weddings, birthdays, quinceanera and debutante balls.

These vintage style glass containers are food safe and lead-free, making them perfectly suitable for kitchen storage and organizational purposes. They're often used for organizing various practical items like bathroom and hygenic products (soap bars, q-tips, cosmetics, cotton balls, etc.), or displaying novelty items and collectibles (buttons, coins, seashells, etc.). 

Among garden and plant enthusiasts, glass apothecary jars also serve as excellent close-lid terrariums for keeping and growing plants that require special care or humidity control. The loose lid feature of these jars make them a practical choice for terrariums, vivariums, florariums, and even paludariums.

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