Geometric Faceted Red H-6", D-3.25" Glass Vase, Dodecahedron (Free Shipping)

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  • Dimensions: Height - 6" | Body Width - 6" | Opening Width - 3.5" | Color: Red (painted)
  • TRENDY & STYLISH - For floral arrangements, candles, or succulent terrarium displays.
  • MODERN ECLECTIC - Stand-out home decor for modern, contemporary, & eclectic styles.
  • WONDERFUL DESIGN - Fascinating geometric shape that invites fun and delight.
  • BOLD COLOR - Vibrant red painted glass. Great for themed events and holidays.

Red Glass Geometric Dodecahedron-Shaped Faceted Gem Glass Vase
This vase is hand crafted by prefessional glassblowers overseas

Color: Vibrant, crimson red glass (painted)
Shape/Design: Dodecahedron (12-sided geometric prism) - Each facet is a pentagon
Purpose: Home Decor, Events & Parties, Terrarium, Candle Holder
Style: Eclectic, Modern, Contemporary

Incredible Style - Make a simple, yet elegant statement in your home with this red geometric glass vase. Featuring a geometric exterior with 12 facets and spray painted with a gorgeous deep red stain, this stunning piece is perfect for colorful centerpieces and table displays in your home or at special events.

A Different Kind of Terrarium - Geometric vases in this shape are popular for flowers or terrarium planting. Create fascinating displays with this red glass vase as a stand-out statement piece in your kitchen or living room.

A Red Glass Table Lantern - Give off a cool and intriquing red glow by placing LED tealights or string lights in this lovely transparent geometric glass vase. A great piece to add for various themed events, whether it's Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, or Halloween. 

Note: This item is hand-crafted by artisans overseas. When working with such delicate and thin material, factory perfection cannot be achieved, so imperfections may occur. Avoid harsh scrubbing as it will remove the color on the glass.

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Jar Set N/A
Color Red
Height 6 in
Width 6 in
Length N/A
Opening 3 in
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