Zinc Rectangle Vase 4" x 5" x 28" Galvanized Garden Planter with Iron Grey Finish (Free Shipping)

  • Dimensions: Height: 4" | Width 5" | Length: 28" | Color: Gunmetal Iron Grey
  • ZINC METAL BOX - Corrosion resistant. Hand-painted faux corrugated texture. The galvanized steel with uneven black hand painted effect is what makes this zinc vase a unique piece.
  • GARDEN PLANTER A wonderful indoor or outdoor window box planter for succulents & cacti. Perfect terrarium container for planting succulent, air plant cactus. Use for faux succulent arrangements, rustic flowers, as a tray stacked with fillers.
  • INDUSTRIAL STYLE DECOR - This zinc metal planter has cool rough-hewn industrial aesthetic.
  • RUSTIC STYLE DECOR - Great for rustic style decor for homes or weddings and events.

Rustic and Industrial Style Zinc Metal Rectangle Garden Planter Vase, 4 inch x 5 inch x 28 inch
Not equipped with drainage holes.

Color: Iron Grey with hand-painted faux corrugated black texture
Style: Rustic, Farmhouse, Country, Industrial, Grunge
Purpose: Garden Decor, Home Decor

Zinc Metal Vase Zinc is a light-weight metal that is often used to prolong the life of other metals including steel. This means that zinc is slow to corrode. Zinc can also kill harmful microbes in soil, making this rectangle planter perfect growing plants.

Rustic and Industrial Style - This faux aged finish zinc planter imitates a shabby chic style. For rustic style or industrial style decoration, this planter will fit right in. The semi corrugated and galvanized texure is hand painted distressed to emulate the neglected look of found objects in farm houses. 

Easy to Use and Easy to Decorate - Although they are not equipped with drainage holes, these rectangular planter boxes are easy to handle, easy to clean, and they will serve their purpose whether indoors or outdoors. You can make wonderful floral or candle arrangements and place these planters along long tables in your home or long tables at country style weddings.

A Wonderful Garden Planter - These zinc rectangular planters are free of lead and asbestos, so you can certainly use these rectangular planters to grow small vegetable gardens. Succulents and cacti are drought resistant, small, and low-maintenance plants are also ideal plants for rectangular trough metal planters. 

NOTE: This item is not equipped with drain holes. The planter is not guaranteed to be watertight. The corrugated appearance is not genuine and can be washed off with harsh scrubbing. Plants and accessories not included. Window box installation parts not included.

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Color Iron Grey
Height 4 in
Width 5 in
Length 28 in
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