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Glass Apothecary Jar Candy Buffet Container (H:21.5" W:8.5")

  • Dimensions - Height: 21.5" | Width: 8.5" | Opening: 7" | Base: 7.5"
  • Quality - Hand-blown crystal clear glass not machine made. Crafted with thick glass for durability. (Minor imperfections may exist due the product being handmade) Dimension Deviation ≈ 0.1"-0.25"
  • Design - The curves of the candy buffet jar bends the light that shines upon it. Making it the center of attention. This complex design is elegant and gives a cherishable feel for anyone looking towards it.
  • Uses - The primary purpose of the glass apothecary jar is to display candy buffets on event dessert tables. Not only do they serve to showcase candy and desserts but they are also perfect for storing items in your home.
  • Occasions - The glass apothecary jars give a powerful message to the surrounding environment. It attracts attention due to the natural character of the item. It makes for a unique centerpiece for any event or home. It also makes the perfect gift.

Glass Apothecary Jars

The Trend - Glass Apothecary Jars are the #1 choice for any candy buffet set up. The unique complex designs make for a perfect dessert table decoration. No matter what the occasion is, these beautiful jars are sure to be the center of attention at your dessert table display. Wedding and event designers love them because of their unique and elegant looks, they go great with any style of decor. These glass jars are not only great for candy buffets, but they are also great for home decorations. They are perfect for storing toiletries in the bathroom or food and snacks in your kitchen. These beautifully hand-crafted jars are the perfect storage containers for any home or event setting.

The Story - The glass apothecary jars have been around since ancient times. Their primary use was for storing luxury items such as wine and spices. In the 1500's they were introduced into the medical field. They serve as storage containers for medical supplies. They commonly stored herbs, creams, pills, etc. In modern times, the uses for these jars have evolved. Now they are used as a decoration item. You see them in events and parties on dessert tables for candy and dessert displays. Some still use them at home for medicinal or herb storing purposes. The glass apothecary jars have stood the test of time. In today's world, they are still very popular serving as beautiful versatile storage containers that make the perfect decorative accents.

The Process - All of our glass products are made of hand-blown glass. Because it's such a common material in daily life, we don't often think about what glass is, or how it is made. Our glass is produced by first forming a glob of molten glass as the inner core. Once the glass is blown to the designed form, it undergoes a flashing process to ensure proper fusion. As a result, the vase has smooth resistant surfaces and yields durability with a high-quality finish. Specializing in high-end glassware and vases. Our mission is to provide our customers with trendy hand-blown glass vases and home decoration. After twenty years of dedication to developing products and providing services for our customers, our brand has become a major U.S. glass vase company.

Maintenance & Care

Glass - Carefully clean the surface with a soft damp cloth. For a more clear and clean look, use a liquid glassware cleaner. Spray onto the cloth and then carefully wipe the surface.

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Qty Per Order 1
Jar Set N/A
Color Clear
Height 21.5 in
Width 8.5 in
Length N/A
Opening 7 in
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