2.5"-3.25" Sea Fan Shells 14 oz (20 - 23) White Brown Pecten Vexillum Radiola

Pack of 14 oz, Free Shipping
  • Size - 2.5-3.25 Inch | Color: Cream & Brown | Packing: 14 oz | Piece Counts: 20 to 23 pcs
  • Quality - Each Seashell we use are guarantee suitable to be used as an ornament and not alive before removing from the ocean. We hand select each Seashell to make sure that they are all the perfect size.
  • Uses - Seashell is a typical ornament when it comes to nautical beach theme decor. Perfect for filling up a vase or use to decorate a dining room table. Exotic natural decoration centerpiece for your summer beach theme event.
  • Looks - Seashell has been a star in rising when it comes to decorations. For a long time, Seashell provides an ocean-themed feeling when used as decor. Mainly to attempt to bring us closer to the beach and summer.
  • Occasions - Seashell is great for any event when trying to provide a summer feeling to the theme. Simple as accenting a gift-wrapping or filling up a glass vase for display. The sole purpose of reminding the viewer about sunny days and waves.
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Cream and Brown Pecten Vexillum

Size: 2.5"-3.25"

Light Cream and Dark Brown Pecten Vexillum: These symmetrical, fan-shaped shells are also known as scallop shells. They come mostly in orange, but can also be white or spotted brown. These particular shells we carry vary from light cream to spotted and striped brown. Our clean natural sea shells are the perfect accent for candle making, filling clear glass shapes and lamps, nautical decor, ornaments, floral and wreath arrangements and much more!

Note: There may be a slight color difference from the actual item due to lighting in the picture

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Qty Per Order 14 oz, Free Shipping
Jar Set N/A
Color Dark Brown
Height N/A
Width 3 in
Length N/A
Opening N/A
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Free Shipping Yes
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