16" Flared Decorative Glass Gathering Vase (Free Shipping)

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  • Height: 16" | Opening: 8.75" | Color: Clear
  • ANY Place, ANY Time - Adaptable to any setting: Home, Private Parties, or weddings.
  • A PRETTY PRESENT - A nice gift for office friend or co-workers.
  • Durable - Made with thick glass wall to ensure Durability
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Flared Decorative Glass Vase

Color: Clear

Height: 16" | Opening: 8.75" 

Quality - Every Vase is handcrafted to perfection and is made of crystal clear glass to maximize content visibility. Each Vase features thick Glass walls to ensure Durability. Imported and Manufactured from China.

Usage - Less is more. Add an elegant and subtle accent to your home with this simple glass flare vase. It's perfect for floral displays and tabletop centerpieces! This concave clear glass vase appeals to us because of its hourglass-like shape. The waist of the vase is the narrowest part of the body, where it flares outward to its mouth and base. This design as adaptive as egg-shaped vases. The narrowed mid-section flaunts a subtle curvature to the overall design. This glass vase is a simple yet useful floral vessel for home decorating, wedding centerpieces, or storefront embellishments.

Suitable - This glass vase are popular among floral supply, Home Decoration, and the wedding planning industry. From this industry, everyone makes use of a good quality basic glass vase. It enhances any romantic event when filled with Roses, even any other places when filled with candles and flowers. 

Trends - Can be filled with flowers or with vase filler like pearls, gems, pebbles, water beads, and even candles. 

Packaging - All glassware is carefully wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap to avoid breakage in transit. 

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Color Clear
Height 16 in
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Opening 8.75 in
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