10" Slender Rounded Rectangular Glass Vases (Free Shipping)

  • Height: 10" | Opening: 7" x 1.75" | Glass Thickness: 1/8 - 2/8"
  • Color:Clear
  • ANY Place, ANY Time - Adaptable to any setting: Home, Private Parties, or weddings.
  • A PRETTY PRESENT - A nice gift for office friend or co-workers.

Slender Rounded Rectangular Glass Vases


Height: 10" | Opening: 7" x 1.75" | Glass Thickness: 1/8 - 2/8"

Design - These are perfect vases for beginners in floral arrangements. One can easily insert half large tulips or one dozen small tulips for a simple yet jubilant floral decor. The narrow openings do not require many flowers to fill the vase, which makes it an ideal vase for anyone on a budget. With this vase, you don’t have to compromise design. They're a wonderful and affordable choice for weddings and other special events!

Suitable - They work well for elegant weddings, private parties, or simple decorating around the house. Purchase these vases for your table and you can also decorate it by filling the base of the vase with sand, pebbles, marbles, pins or any types of dry filler before adding flowers, leaves, ferns, pine, and fruits like lime, oranges, and grapes cut in different shapes.

Gifts - These glass vases also make lovely gifts, souvenirs, or decorative pieces. There are even those who would utilize them as pencil holders or miscellaneous lose item holders.

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Qty Per Order 1
Color Clear
Height 10 in
Width 1.75 in
Length 7 in
Opening N/A
Product Shout Out Wholesale at $16.30 ea
Free Shipping Yes
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