Glass Cloche Display Dome (H:10" D:9.75")

  • Dimensions - Outer Dimensions- H:10" D:9.75" | Inner Dimension(Inside The glass)- H:9.5" D:9.5"
  • Quality - Hand-blown crystal clear glass not machine made. Crafted with thick glass for durability. (Minor imperfections may exist due the product being handmade) Dimension Deviation ≈ 0.1"-0.25"
  • Design - The curves of the dome bends the light that shines upon it. As if the glass guards the outside world against what lies within. This simple design is somewhat mystical gives a cherishable feel for the person looking towards the object.
  • Uses - The primary purpose of glass domes is for protecting valued items from outside factors such as dust and the surrounding environment. Not only do they serve to protect these cherishable items but also to showcase them in a unique display.
  • Occasions - The Glass Domes give a powerful message to the surrounding environment. It attracts attention due to the natural character of the item. It makes for a unique centerpiece for any event or home. It also makes the perfect gift for any occasion.

Glass Dome Cloches

The Trend - The clear glass cloche display domes are the perfect way to showcase your treasured item. The beautiful dome design does not only make it great for displays but also serves to protect these cherishable items from dust and other factors. It is the perfect cloche display for terrariums, antiques, and jewelry. They are great for wedding centerpieces and gifts for any occasion. The glass dome has recently sparked a creative way to create your own enchanted rose displays, it's unique simple design serves to inspire creativity.

The Story - Cloches, also known as glass domes, cloche domes, and bell jars, were first used by the French during the 18th century. Its primary purpose was in agriculture. It was used to protect delicate plants from the cold and other factors. Today, they are a great piece of decoration for home decor. The intentional use for these bell jars was for protection. But now they have a better purpose. Each item that the dome holds seems like it has an extraordinary story behind it, while the dome shares it with the viewer with its unique design. Not only do these cloches provide a characteristic display, or a trophy like feel to the item. It gives a cherishable feel for the person looking towards the object.

The Process - All of our glass products are made of hand-blown glass. Because it's such a common material in daily life, we don't often think about what glass is, or how it is made. Our glass is produced by first forming a glob of molten glass as the inner core. Once the glass is blown to the designed form, it undergoes a flashing process to ensure proper fusion. As a result, the vase has smooth resistant surfaces and yields durability with a high-quality finish. Specializing in high-end glassware and vases. Our mission is to provide our customers with trendy hand-blown glass vases and home decoration. After twenty years of dedication to developing products and providing services for our customers, our brand has become a major U.S. glass vase company.

Maintenance & Care

Glass - Carefully clean the surface with a soft damp cloth. For a more clear and clean look, use a liquid glassware cleaner. Spray onto the cloth and then carefully wipe the surface.

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Color Clear
Height 10 in
Width 10 in
Length N/A
Opening 9.5 in
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