Glass Bubble Bowl, H-10" x D-12" Clear (Free Shipping)

  • Dimensions: Height: 10" | Opening: 6.75" | Body Width: 12" | Volume: 4 gallons (64 cups) | Glass Thickness: 4/16" - 5/16"Glass Thickness: 1/8" - 1/4"
  • Color: Clear | Packing: Pack of 1 or Pack of 2
  • Hand-crafted and hand-blown by our experienced craftsmen in the vase industry, not mass produced factory-made vase
  • The glass bowl holds approximate 64 cups, which is approximate 4 gallons
  • Elegant flower vase or glass vase for weddings, birthdays, celebrations and all kinds of events. Non-porous and lead-free Giant Bubble Bowl

Glass Bubble Bowl

Dimensions: Height: 10" | Opening: 6.75" | Body Width: 12" | Volume: 4 gallons | Glass Thickness: 4/16" - 5/16"

Purpose: Wedding, Home Decor, Terrarium, Gardening

Storage Capacity:

Glass Vases

The transparent body of the vase is what makes Glass Vases so attractive. Yes, it can tell you when to change the water and whether something dropped inside. However, if you fill it with crystal clear water and vase filler, it is the cherry on top for flower display.

Glass Bubble Bowl

The unique shape of this vase can create many other uses for the vessel. The most common use for it is an aquarium or tank for small fishes. With the proper aquatic plants, rock, and small fish, it can be an outstanding display decor. Or it can even be created into the perfect terrarium. Showing how artistic one can be with the display of a small garden within a world of its own.

Straight-forward Design - With no corners, the glass bubble bowl has a unique feel of holding a small planet on the surface of your palm. The transparent glass acts as a barrier to not only protect but to display the beautiful world that lies within—the perfect centerpiece for any occasion. Opening on top feels that the environment that lies within can no longer be detained and burst its beauty towards the outside world.

For Almost Any Kind of Event - There are so many ways you can use these beautiful Glass Bubble Bowl. They are just a unique display for any event. Regardless of weddings, home, or garden decor, the glass bubble bowl will unquestionably give life and color to whatever it holds.

Fantastic For Event Centerpiece - As the centerpiece, it has to be the main attraction. There is no better way to attract people than the most uniquely designed display unit, holding the most beautiful flowers and fillers around.

NOTE:  This item is hand made, so slight imperfections may occur. Measurements may also vary. Candles, flowers, and other accessories not included.

More Information
Qty Per Order 1
Color Clear
Height 10 in
Width 12 in
Length N/A
Opening 6 in
Product Shout Out Wholesale at $25.40 ea
Free Shipping Yes
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