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Product ID: GAJ008
Apothecary Candy Buffet Jar. H-10", Open D-5", Body D-7.5"

Price: US$79.20
Product ID: GAJ010
Candy Buffet Apothecary Jars * SET of 3 * GAJ115, GAJ108/10, GAJ126

Price: US$52.00
Product ID: GAJ012
Candy Buffet Apothecary Jars * SET of 3 * GAJ111, GAJ112, GAJ113

Price: US$46.00
Product ID: GAJ115-108/10-120
Candy Buffet Apothecary Jars * SET of 3 * GAJ115, GAJ108/10, GAJ120

Price: US$48.00

Product ID: GAJ115-108/10-127
Candy Buffet Apothecary Jars * SET of 3 * GAJ115, GAJ108/10, GAJ127

Price: US$48.00
Product ID: GAJ126-115-127
Candy Buffet Apothecary Jars * SET of 3 * GAJ126, GAJ115, GAJ127

Price: US$58.00
Product ID: GCB003
4.75" Cube Vase, Pack of 12 pcs

List Price: US$44.28
Price: US$32.52
Product ID: GCH011/04-24
Tealight Candle Holder: Clear H-3.75", Open D-2.5" (24pcs/Case - $1.45 ea)

Price: US$34.80

Product ID: GCY022/12
Cylinder Vase: Clear, 6"W x 12"H (4pcs/Case - $6.99 ea)

Price: US$27.96
Product ID: GCY022/20
Cylinder Vase: Clear, 6"W x 20"H (4pcs/Case - $9.99 ea)

Price: US$39.96
Product ID: GGM001
Pebbles: 24-lbs Flat Marbles: Clear

Price: US$23.76
Product ID: GTR135
Trumpet Pilsner Vase: Clear H-24", Open D-4.5"

List Price: US$59.94
Price: US$50.94

Product ID: GTR161
Trumpet Pilsner Vase (Reversible): Clear H-24", Pack of 4 pcs

Price: US$52.00
Product ID: GTR162
Trumpet Pilsner Vase (Reversible): Clear H-36" (2pcs/Case - $45.99 ea)

Price: US$91.98
Product ID: GTR163
Trumpet Pilsner Vase (Reversible): Clear H-26.5" (2pcs/Case - $28.50 ea)

Price: US$57.00
Product ID: GTW004
Eiffel Tower Vases, 20 inches

List Price: US$55.20
Price: US$46.92

Product ID: GTW005
Eiffel Tower Vases, 24 inches

List Price: US$38.40
Price: US$32.64
Product ID: U-U895-458-12PCS
PLANT TERRARIUM Hanging Candle Holder: Clear * SET of 3 * U-U8954, U-U8955, U-U8958

Price: US$87.00
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